Once there was moth…

Once there was a moth who had a great aspiration to become a silk jacket.  The moths name was Rococo, and her friends had told her many times that becoming a silk jacket was not something a moth could do, and besides that, it would kill her.
Rococo, or Coco as her friends called her, was shimmery blue with silvery white spots.  Her best friend, Dandelin was white with pale yellow bands.  Rococo thought they looked beautiful together.

Dandelin did not approve of Coco’s dream for herself, but she was her best friend, so she listened and tried to support her the best she could.

One day, as Dandelin and Coco were supping on Queen Anne’s Lace tea, Rococo turned her wide fluffy antenna to her friend and said, “I’ve come up with a plan.”
“Oh?” said Dandelin; she steeled herself to be calm.
“I’m going to travel and seek out someone who can help me with my dream of becoming a jacket.”
“Oh, that’s great”, replied Dandelin, trying to sound enthusiastic.
But Rococo was caught up in her thoughts and didn’t notice how flat Dandelin sounded.



Rococo was flying along the path through the deep green forest, a slight fresh breeze aided her flight.
“Hi, Coco!”  She turned around, she had just flown past Ket, a deep green and black moth who Rococo had just met at the stream the day before.  “Wait up, where you going?”
“Hi, Ket, just towards the wild meadow, I feel like playing.”
“Want to see something amazing?”
“Yeah, sure!” Rococo wondered what it could be.
“Follow me into the forest, there’s some ruins there, have you seen them before?”  Ket took off and Coco raced to catch up.
“No I haven’t, slow down.”  She followed Ket into the darker part of the forest, the undergrowth thinned and the canopy overhead grew closer together.  The ground became more uneven and they rose higher into the air to avoid the obstacles.  Coco could make out wooden angular shapes jutting out of the leaf litter and sparse vegetation in the deep shadows.  They became denser and shapes of buildings resolved out of the gloom.  No-one seemed to have been here for a long time.  The birds were quiet and there was little sign of animal paths through the brush.  It looked like an old town that had been abandoned a long time ago.
“Shhh, over here Coco, see ahead?”  Ket slowed down so she could catch up and as she got closer Coco could see lights twinkling between the tree trunks.
“I can hear something too,” said Coco and indeed there was an electric hum in the air coming from the direction of the lights.  They kept flying and the lights became small lights of many colours.  The air was cold and heavy here and the light fading.  They must have flown longer than she realised thought Coco, the sun was low behind the tree tops and barely making it’s way through the foliage to her.

Inside the cottage is the mad genius, Madrigailya.  She has been experimenting, sending moths through a portal, trying to reach the future, so far they have all died or been horribly disfigured.  Mad captures Dandelin and and Coco breaks into the cottage to see where she is and finds he’s vanished.  Coco allows herself to be captured and arrives near a large house.  She flies towards the the building and lights so bright that she is disorientated.  There’s a party inside. She sees Dandelin inside, face pressed against the window.


Ket is my time-travelling Rococo moth jacket. Made from silk and moth DNA, it is one of my first projects, and one of my favourites.
I love the way I can weave the memories of my journey back through time into the fabric of the garment.

A lot of things have changed since alien intelligence made contact in 2011, and nothing interests me more than the changes in clothing and costume.
The huge initial boost they gave to research in all areas of technology meant that FINALLY I could create some of my designs that had been sitting in drawers for years!
I hope to be able to describe to you a few of my favourites ❤