Once there was moth…

Once there was a moth who had a great aspiration to become a silk jacket.  The moths name was Rococo, and her friends had told her many times that becoming a silk jacket was not something a moth could do, and besides that, it would kill her.
Rococo, or Coco as her friends called her, was shimmery blue with silvery white spots.  Her best friend, Dandelin was white with pale yellow bands.  Rococo thought they looked beautiful together.

Dandelin did not approve of Coco’s dream for herself, but she was her best friend, so she listened and tried to support her the best she could.

One day, as Dandelin and Coco were supping on Queen Anne’s Lace tea, Rococo turned her wide fluffy antenna to her friend and said, “I’ve come up with a plan.”
“Oh?” said Dandelin; she steeled herself to be calm.
“I’m going to travel and seek out someone who can help me with my dream of becoming a jacket.”
“Oh, that’s great”, replied Dandelin, trying to sound enthusiastic.
But Rococo was caught up in her thoughts and didn’t notice how flat Dandelin sounded.


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